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Dear Students and Parents,

We are excited to have you join the SHS Band program!  It is our distinct honor to have you be a part of our experience with this amazing group of young people, their parents, and our program instructors.  The Summerville Band has known a long and rich heritage of success and a respected place in SC band history.  We have been handed a bright torch, burning for more than 50 years in the community, and we believe that it is our responsibility to send it to future generations with the same dignity and quality with which it came to us.  On behalf of all our band family, welcome!

The following forms and information are required for us to get you involved in the band program.  We are happy to have these available online this year!  Please click on the following links and complete the information requested.  Whether you are a brand new member or a rising senior member, this is the information we need from you. 

Forms marked with an asterisk (*) must be printed, signed, and returned. 

  • Member Information Form​

    • If you have recently completed and submitted the "NEW MEMBER INFORMATION" form OR your information is already correct and complete and updated in CHARMS, you may bypass this form.  If you are a new member who has not previously completed this form, please do so. ​​

    • Please make sure in particular that phone numbers and email addresses are correct.  This is the only way we have to contact you and make sure you have correct information. 


  • Medical History and Physical Exam Form*

    • These pages must be downloaded and completed.  This PDF is fillable on your computer up to the information that a physician must complete.  These are due to be turned in to the band office or the front office of Summerville High School by July 30th. ​We must have these completed and signed before band camp.

  • Permission & Acknowledgement of Risk Form*

    • This is required by DD2 for participation in athletic activities. All our students must have this on file. This is also due by the start of band camp. 

  • Trip Permission and Medical Release Form

    • This form allows students to travel with us and for us to seek emergency medical attention if necessary.  It also gives us additional important information about medical needs, particularly when we're on the road. 

  • Fair Share Schedule/Financial Agreement

    • This form serves as your acknowledgment of and agreement to fundraise your fair share amount or make timely payments according to the monthly payment schedule. This form is required of every student

  • Parent Contract

    • This agreement is an understanding that if a student is to be a part of the team, parents have to be willing to accept and honor the rehearsal and performance schedule and that every student must be present every time. Holding students out of rehearsals or performances is unacceptable.

  • Volunteer Application

    • Everybody has SOMETHING to offer.  This is the official Dorchester District Two Parent Volunteer Application specific to the Summerville Bands.  Completing this form will allow us to better help you fit into your special place in our band family! 

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