Band Guide to April

First, WE MISS YOU!  This entire process is particularly difficult for a group of people whose existence is centered so much around collective effort, teamwork, and personal interaction.  We would all obviously rather be doing our thing on our turf, on our terms, and with our people like we normally do.  We would honestly give just about anything just to hear the sound of our band right now......the sound of a rehearsal or even the sound of you all being silly in the band room.  

But, our charge presently is to be SAFE and SMART and protect all our ability to be together on some level in the future, whether as band members, as loved and valued and missed Alumni, or as a community of music-loving people.  All our desire is for EVERY member and member family and friends and community stay safe during this pandemic.  

Your FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT assignment from us is to STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY.  Stay home.  Stay away from people, and WASH YOUR HANDS!!

We will get through this, and we will do our thing again soon!

Until then, you should keep and protect the progress we've all made this year by doing the following during the month of April. 


NOTE:  You will be ONLY using the Microsoft TEAMS that are 1) Concert Band 2) Symphonic Band or 3) Percussion Class 1A and 1B.


 This is your assignment:  

1. Practice Logs:  Following our "daily practice routine" which is found under our website e-learning tab, you will complete and submit 2 practice logs for each week.  Though you should and likely will practice more often than this, this is the minimum requirement.  

2. Breezin Thru Theory:  Following your login instructions under your class tabs in MICROSOFT TEAMS, you will be able to sign in free of charge.  

  • Concert Band should complete Chapter 6, Chapter 7, and Chapter 8.

  • Symphonic Band AND PERCUSSION CLASS should complete Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, and Chapter 10. 

  • By "complete" we mean to study the self-paced lessons, do the games and drills, etc. Everything associated with each chapter in Breezin Thru Theory.  We will be able to check all your progress.  Enjoy it! 

3. Concert Review: With the recent shut down many performing groups have offered free concerts to the public. Your task is to find one of these concerts (any genre) and write a brief review of what you heard (1 page). Explain who is performing, what they are performing, any

significance of the music and your supported opinion on what you did and did not like about the performance. If you need help finding one, reach out. You will do just one of these over the next 4 weeks. Due via email by 4/29/20.

4. Smartmusic: Signing up for your free subscription is the big assignment.  This premium subscription will give you ALL of the music in Smartmusic's library.  The sight-reading exercises are the best way to develop.  We will enter exercises periodically for you to complete. These will show up when you sign in to Smart Music.  Mainly, we want you playing your instruments regularly.  Get into SmartMusic and play around with the features.  Your instructions to sign up are in your respective MICROSOFT TEAMS

5. IF YOU HAVE NO INSTRUMENT: We are still working on trying to find a way to get you guys your instruments.  Keep an eye on the Booster Facebook page.  At present, we are still not allowed at the school at all.  My coffee cups should be FANTASTIC!!  :)

6. The future: We are working on what will be the "COVID-19" version of our spring.  We are working on the show.  We are working to make sure this organization is ready to go when the gate reopens.  YOUR JOB is to stay in shape musically, stay healthy and safe.  

7. Meetings: You will be getting invitations to meet in sections (via Microsoft Teams) and in small groups in the coming weeks.  We are working on some virtual performance opportunities and ways we can still keep our band family close during this time.  


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