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it is imperative that students understand the instrument they play and the natural and environmental issues that may give rise to poor intonation.  Each instrument has its own tendencies with respect to pitch, and those are affected by dynamics and other factors.  It is important that students become familiar with natural tendencies as well as commonly-used remedies so that they are able to master the intonation of their instruments.  Below, you will find information on the tendencies as well as a chart for each student to use to identify potential problems on his/her instrument.  

Flute Intonation Guide

Flute Intonation Worksheet

Oboe Intonation Guide

Oboe Intonation Worksheet

Bassoon Intonation Guide

Bassoon Intonation Worksheet

Clarinet Intonation Guide

Clarinet Intonation Worksheet

Saxophone Intonation Guide

Saxophone Intonation Worksheet

Trumpet Intonation Guide

Trumpet Harmonic Series

Trumpet Intonation Worksheet

Horn Intonation Guide

Horn Harmonic Series

Horn Intonation Worksheet

Trombone Intonation Guide

Trombone Harmonic Series

Trombone Intonation Worksheet

Euphonium Intonation Guide
Euphonium Harmonic Series

Euphonium Intonation Worksheet

Tuba Intonation Guide

Tuba Harmonic Series

Tuba Intonation Worksheet

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