What is it? 

The Wave Wash is an Annual Free Car Wash that we sponsor in the community.  We have multiple sites around Summerville where people can come get their cars washed for FREE.  We accept donations onsite, and the wash is OUTSIDE of the vehicles ONLY.  Students do not get into cars.  

How do we raise money with a free car wash?  

Our students ask people in the community to pledge ONE PENNY per car we wash on the day of the event.  We ask for a penny per car from each patron because our goal is to wash at least 1000 cars that day.   Every pledge of one penny per car raises approximately $10.00 for the program.  It's like a walk-a-thon.  



What about people who just donate? 

Invariably, questions arise about people who just give a donation.  Donations can be counted as pledges when you are reporting your pledge totals.  For example, if a person just pledges TEN DOLLARS, that equals the same as 1 penny per car, based on our goal of 1000 cars.  When turning in pledges, everything is based on our goal of washing 1000 cars.  If someone donates FIVE DOLLARS, that is half a penny per car based on our goal of 100 cars.  

Make sure to notate on your pledge sheet which calculations are based on flat donations so that we know to adjust the amount for your collection report.  

When we collect the pledge sheets, you will receive, based on the information you reported, a total amount to collect. Each student should, based on our goal of 1000 cars, raise $250.00 for this event.

WAVE WASH also includes other Fine Arts groups from around DD2 like the ARHS and FDHS Bands, Strings, Chorus along with our groups from SHS.  The number of groups participating changes year to year.  Our goal is always to wash 1000 cars collectively that day.  We list tag numbers of cars washed for authenticity and reporting. 

Is this student credit?  No, this fundraiser goes to the general fund and is required of every member of the marching band. Just like other groups have requirements to sell a certain number of ads for the football program or sell a certain number of programs at football games, our students are required to all get at TOTAL of 25 cents in pledges or the equivalent, based on our washing 1000 cars.  

Who washes the cars?  

Our students are required to wash cars on the day of the event.  Sections are divided up among the approximately 10-12 sites that we run around Summerville, and we wash cars from 8am until 5pm. This is treated as any other band event, rehearsal, performance, etc.  Students are expected to participate fully as this is one of the largest fundraising events we do all year.  It is our single highest income event for the year, so everyone is expected to pull his/her weight. 

Where will my child wash cars? 

Students will be assigned sites based on the sections they play in.  This list is typically posted in the band room about a week out from the event.  

What do students wear? 

Students must wear their rehearsal T-shirts or a green  SUMMERVILLE T-shirt.  We are in public.  They may wear bathing suits UNDER the rehearsal T-shirt or green, Summerville T-shirt, but we should have NO students shirtless or in bathing suits alone.

What do Chaperones do? 

Our number one desire is to insure the SAFETY of our students.  Keep kids OUT of the street.  Make sure everyone is where he/she is supposed to be.  Their parents think they are with us, so they must be with us.  Remember:

  • Kids wear their rehearsal shirts over swim trunks.  Bikinis on the street side sends the wrong message to the community, so we have to make sure everybody is presentable the whole time.  

  • Keep things moving smoothly, developing a system that works for the location and personnel. 

  • Keep rags/sponges off the ground!  A single piece of gravel stuck to a cloth on the side of a BMW could be problematic.  

  • Make sure the kids do quality work.  Check behind them to make sure cars are well-cleaned.

  • Record the tag numbers of every car washed. 

  • Be polite.  Everyone must treat kids with respect and dignity.  If there is a behavior problem, it will be addressed by Mr. Gilreath. 

  • We are ultimately responsible for the safety of our people and the success of the event.  You are an extension of the band program in all that you do publicly.  

What happens if we don't get our pledges? 

Students who do not meet the pledge obligations will have increased physical training, ie laps, etc.  This is part of being in a physical activity.  We run.  If a student can't run laps as a reminder to work harder on his/her pledges, music passoffs, drill, behavior, etc, then he/she will not be capable of performing the show.  

When is the date? 

THE 2019 WAVE WASH is September 7!