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CHARMS is the management system we use for our calendar of events, student information, mailings, student fundraising and financial reports, inventory, instrument and uniform assignments, etc.  Each person can access his/her own information in the system and update any changes.  It is imperative that the information we have on each student is accurate and current. 

To login to the system, click the link above.  Then, in the upper right-hand corner, hover over the LOGIN button until you see the following "Parents/Students/Members" link on the menu, and click it. 



You will be taken to a dialogue box that asks for you school code.  Enter summervilleband. Once you have done that, you will be asked for the student area password.  That will be your district student ID when you login the first time.  You will be asked to change the password to something that you will remember.  Please know that students AND parents will use the same login and will need to remember the password.  If you forget your password or are unable to login to the system using your DD2 student ID, please click on the button above to request a password reset.  The system can automatically reset your password back to the DD2 student ID number.  Please be sure to include your student's name when requesting a password reset! 

Once you are to the screen below, please go to the UPDATE INFO link to make sure that all the information is updated, emails are correctly spelled, etc.  The more information we have on each student, the better!  

At the student information screen, you can add additional adult contacts by clicking on the "add adult" tab.  Help us make sure you are connected by checking and doublt-checking the information! 

UPDATE !!!!!!

Stay Connected !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once you are in the system, have changed your password, and are updated, you will be able to view all of the information represented by the icons you see above that pertains to you student.  If you have more than one student in the program, you may link them all by clicking on the "multiple students" icon.  


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