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 "Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved!"  -Mattie Stepanek

The costs involved in running a truly active, comprehensive band program are often staggering.  Most people gasp when they realize that, for example, a single sousaphone for one student for three months of the year costs $6,000.00, and we currently use eight of them.  Guard costumes for one marching band show can cost upwards of $15,000.00.  Travel for the marching band to one out-of-state competition can cost $20,000.00. One high-quality bass clarinet for the Symphonic Band costs $9,000.00.  And, the list goes on.  

An active, effective fundraising machine is the ONLY way we can provide the opportunities that positively change the lives of young people year after year.  

Fundraising efforts to do this ONLY work when everybody does his/her part and participates in a consistent and effective way.  ONLY TOGETHER, can we bring the incredible experiences to life for our students.  

We fund our program through a combination of the following:

  1. DORCHESTER DISTRICT 2 FUNDING:  We are very fortunate that our district values this experience and puts funding behind it at levels above virtually every other district in South Carolina. Without this, the burden to each family would be much greater.  If you see a member of our district administration, ALWAYS thank him/her for the support of the Arts in DD2. 

  2. COLLECTIVE FUNDRAISING: Several funding initiatives such as the Concession stands at SHS Football Games, our annual WAVE WASH, and others are event-based ways that we all pull together to raise money for the General Fund of the Booster Club.  The success of these efforts is the secret to keeping costs low for our families.  The more money we raise together, the lower everyone's individual cost.

  3. FAIR SHARE: Each family has an individual amount to cover either through Individual Fundraising or through a payment plan that starts in June each year.  We do everything possible to keep this amount to a minimum. It is our belief that NO child should ever be denied the benefits of being in band because his/her family cannot afford it. We strive to make it possible to cover the expenses of being in the program through diligent fundraising efforts.  There have been many families, some with multiple band members, who have managed to pay NOTHING out-of-pocket during their years in our program.​


What does my Fair Share pay for, exactly?  Individual Fair Share amounts do not cover a list of specific items.  This amount provides for the portion of the funding plan that is not covered by either District funding or our Collective Fundraising template for the year.  This percentage of the total cost is determined based on our desire to keep the out-of-pocket amount for families as low as possible. The more we raise together in collective fundraising, the lower each members Fair Share can be!  Once a student has met the fair share goal, they then move to collective, general fund for their fundraising. 


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