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The third leg of our funding the band program is based on a concept of shared responsibility in which each individual member family accepts responsibility for raising a portion of the cost of each student.  The idea of FAIR SHARE is to spread the amount left to raise after we consider DD2 funding and projected Collective Fundraising among all the members. The more we raise through collective fundraising, the lower these amounts can be. 

Our funding comes from:

1. District Support

2. Collective Fundraising Events such as SHS Football Concessions, the SYNERGY PROGRAM, Wave Wash, etc. 


The actual cost of running the program for a year, divided by the number of students involved comes to a much greater number than our fair share total.  We work very hard to keep the amount for which each member is responsible as low as possible.  NO student will be denied participation in band because of finances, but everyone can contribute through fundraising.  Doing neither is never an option. 

What if I don't want to do fundraising? 

Participation in collective fundraising is not optional.  HOWEVER, if you wish not to do the individual fundraising, you always have the option to simply write a check for your FAIR SHARE amount to cover it or follow the month payment schedule starting in May. 

What is the payment plan? 

For families who just choose to pay rather than raise their FAIR SHARE amount, the schedule is posted each year on the band forms and financial agreement.  Payments or fundraising totals are due each month, starting in either May or June and run monthly from then until November for marching band members.  

Where do we make payments? 

Payments are made payable to the Summerville Band Boosters, PO BOX 2752, Summerville, SC 29484.  Payments can also be placed in the "Gold Box" that is attached to the band office in the Band Room at SHS.  Remember:

  • Make sure payments are clearly labeled with the STUDENT'S NAME.  Often the name on the checks do not match the last name of the student to whom to credit the payment, so it's difficult to match them up if you don't have student names clearly marked. 

  • PLEASE DO NOT give payments to any staff member.  Payments go in the box.  Staff and Directors do not accept payments.  

  • Cash-type payments can be made in the band office.  Mr. Gilreath will count the money with you, write you a receipt, and you then place the money in the box at that time.  

  • Envelopes are available.  Mark the outside of the envelope very clearly as to who gets credit and what the payment is for (i.e., Region Band, Fair Share, etc.) 

What about hardship? 

We realize that things happen to families that restrict the money they can pay.  It is our desire that NO STUDENT ever misses this opportunity because of money.  If you are experiencing financial hardship, we often have some limited ways to help.  The FIRST is that you use the Fair Share Fundraising opportunities to raise the money.  Many families have had multiple band students and never paid a penny because they raised their Fair Share amounts.  This is, after all, the purpose of this area of fundraising.  EVERYONE can contribute something!  Assistance that is available through the kindness of anonymous band families and community friends is only an option when there is evidence of sincere fundraising efforts.  This is available only when individual fundraising is also evident. 

The following link is an application for limited financial assistance for Fair Share.  The information you enter will be open to the Band Director(s) and Booster Presidents/Treasurers only.  We take your confidentiality very seriously. 

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