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The Requirements for lettering in band are as follows: 

  • At minimum, students must, successfully and in good standing, complete the following:

    • A full season of marching band​.

    • A full year of class with a grade of A or B for the year at the time of awards. 

    • Prepare and participate in Region Band Auditions (winds and percussion only)

    • A full concert season (or winter guard season for guard members. 

  • Students must have NO unexcused absences from rehearsals or performances in ANY season or ensemble. 

  • Students must be in good standing financially whether through fundraising efforts or payments. 

  • Students who march in middle school will receive their letter and/or combination of letters and bars upon completing their Freshman Year of high school. 

  • Students must participate in all general fund fundraising activities.

  • Students must exhibit a good attitude and serve as a good example throughout the year. 

  • Students must maintain a clean discipline record at Summerville High School (aside from ISS).

  • Letters and bars are presented at the Band Awards Night each year.  Students should be present at the Awards Night in order to receive their awards.  If there is a serious conflict, it should be discussed with the Directors in advance and approved.

  • Students should complete the application ONCE per year.  If they have not received something, they should complete the "missing awards" tab form.

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