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Fundraising Committee

This committee, under the leadership of the 1st Vice-President, handles the execution and promotion of the fundraising activities of the booster club.  Each fundraiser needs someone to help make sure we maximize our potential earnings!

Projects and Events Committee

This committee, under the leadership of the 2nd Vice-President, handles the planning of all the non-fundraising activities and events of the booster club.  Parties, get-togethers, concert decoration etc.  all fall under the umbrella of this committee. 

Travel Committee

This committee includes the Presidents, the Treasurers, the Uniform Coordinator, the Chaperone Coordinator, the Food Coordinator, the Color Guard Liaison.  The Presidents serve as the chairs of the travel committee.  The responsibilities include planning and securing transportation, 18-wheeler transport for all equipment, and budget planning for trips. 

Finance Committee

The finance committee shall develops the budget in cooperation with the Director(s) of Bands to present to the membership at the May membership meeting.  The elected Treasurer chairs the Finance Committee.  This committee oversees the expenditure of funds during the year to coordinate income and expenditures and is responsible for the collection of revenue.  The Chair of the Student Fees Committee (Charms Treasurer), shall also serve on the Finance Committee.  

Fair Share Committee

This committee is chaired by the Associate Treasurer and is responsible for collecting student fair share payments and/or fundraising credits.  They will present student families with regular, timely, and accurate financial statements on the 10th of each month.  This committee will also be responsible for following up with families who have missed payments or who are behind and need fundraising guidance. They will work with the Director of Bands to insure that families have the opportunity to meet their obligations through revised or altered payment plans as may be necessary.  The Student Fees Committee will advise the Director of Bands monthly as to the status of outstanding student fees and payment progress.

Props Committee

This committee is our motivated, design and construction crew for the props for our show.  These are the builders, painters, pushers and cheering team that make us look incredibly polished and professional in performance.  If you can't build or commit to the construction process, you can still be a part of the team that helps us move everything to and from the field at every show.  This group also includes the "pit crew" that helps move the front ensemble equipment and electronics to and from the field.  


Uniform Committee

The uniform committee makes sure we are properly dressed when we take the field.  Properly-fitted uniforms make a huge difference in how we look in performance.  These people fit, alter, and clean the uniforms so that we look our absolute best.  

HOW CAN I VOLUNTEER TO HELP A COMMITTEE?  Click here to email the Presidents about your interest in helping serve on a committee! 


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