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essential student behaviors

  1. When responding to adults, you should respond "Yes ma'am/sir" or "No ma'am/sir."  Just nodding your head or using other forms of yes or no is not acceptable. 

  2. Make eye contact.  When someone is speaking to you (individually or in a group), keep your eyes on him/her at all times.  Face the person who is speaking, especially when in a group.  

  3. When two people are talking, do not interrupt.  Wail until they are finished.  Don't stand too close while you wait. 

  4. If someone in the group does something well, we will congratulate that person.  We will clap robustly for at least 5 seconds. 

  5. If you win or do well at something, DO NOT BRAG or behave boastfully. If you lose, do so with dignity.  Behave with class at all times. 

  6. Never smack your lips, suck your teeth, roll your eyes, or show disrespect with gestures. 

  7. Say, "Thank You" when you are given something. If I see you fail to do this, I will take away what you were given.  There is no excuse for a lack of appreciation. 

  8. Surprise others with random kindness.  Go out of your way to do something nice for someone you do not know. 

  9. If it is not yours, do not touch it. 

  10. If you would like to speak or ask a question, raise your hand.  Only ask questions that apply to the group in front of the group.  Your individual issues are for before or after the class or rehearsal/meeting. 

  11. When speaking, do not use words like "um" or "like."  You will be asked to start over by raising your hand. 

  12. Early is on time, and on time is late. 

  13. No food or drink other than water in the band room except during ILT. 

  14. Take care of your surroundings. NEVER leave something for someone else to pick up or put away. 

  15. When we transition to the field or back to the room, do so quietly and calmly,  We do NOT play during these times. 

  16. Keep up with your things, and place them WHERE THEY BELONG. 

  17. When you are given a task, never moan or complain.  This will result in the task being doubled. 

  18. Guests will be in and out throughout the year.   Greet them with respect and behave so that you bring honor to our program. 

  19. Whenever we travel, clean up after yourself.  If we are in a bus, clean the bus.  If we eat out, clean the dining area.  Ask for a cloth to wipe tables and/or a broom to sweep. 


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