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What is it? 

March is "Music in our Schools Month!"  This is the time we turn the spotlight to all the hundreds of thousands of students who are performing music and participating in music programs across the country. March 4th is National Marching Band Day! 

How does it work? 

Our students ask people to sponsor them for ONE DAY of Music in Our Schools Month.  The person who sponsors you for the the first day of the month gives $1.00. The person who sponsors the 2nd gives $2.00, and so on.  Students could ask their friends for the cheap dates and their family for the more expensive ones.  Nothing is more than $31 EXCEPT THE BONUS DAY OF MARCH 4TH: NATIONAL MARCHING BAND DAY which is $40.00. 

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Our Incentive: 

Doing what's right to support our band program and the costs associated with running the band program:

  • Instruments

  • Transportation

  • Staffing

  • Repairs

  • Equipment

  • Registrations

  • Lodging

  • and much more! 

Extra Incentive: 

One student will win a drawing for a scholarship for lessons, music camp, etc.  

Each student will be entered into the drawing as follows:

  • the first entry happens when you reach your 10th day (not including the bonus day, March 4th)

  • a sponsorship for the 4th gets your name in the drawing 5 additional times.

  • each two days past the 10th gets your name in the drawing another time. 

  • students have the potential to have their names in the drawing SIXTEEN times. 

Fair Share Split

Students who have continued Fair Share balances can use 50% of what they raise toward their 2019-20 Fair Share. 

This cannot be used for 2020-21. Students who complete their full calendars will receive $266.00 toward their FAIR SHARE. You must complete the calendar to use funds toward fair share balances


Students who wish to be considered for ANY leadership position in 2019-2020 should complete their calendars. 


1. Students will be given a large envelope with their FORWARD MARCH CALENDAR in it. 

3. Students have people sponsor them for each day of the month, collecting their money as they go.

4. Write the name of each day's sponsor on their day on the calendar. 

5. Keep the materials together and safe!  YOU are responsible for your envelope and its contents. 

6. We will check students in each week and put their star up on the board for having their days sponsored.  

7. All $$ and calendar forms are due by April 10th. 

8. We have specially printed envelopes for money turn-in.  ALL money turned in weekly should be turned in IN THE PRINTED ENVELOPES WE HAVE FOR THIS FUNDRAISER. 


1.  Each day must be sponsored by an individual contribution.  You are now allowed to collect $40.00 and combine that onto the 4th of March to get your name in more times.  

2. Siblings may not share calendars for the drawing.  

3. Everything must be turned in by April 10th at the end of school to count for the drawing. 

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