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WELCOME to the 2022-23 Summerville Bands!  This page will house a weekly synopsis of announcements that pertain to members of the band and their families.  It will usually be updated Monday mornings or as the week goes and circumstances change.  Check regularly to see if you have missed anything! 

Football @ FDHS Friday November 25

  • The band will be leaving from the high school via school buses to attend the SHS/FDHS Lower State Championship.

  • Tardy time is 5:30pm

  • Dress is Jeans, Hoodies, Track Suits, optional Face Paint (nothing more in terms of spirit wear)

  • Band room will open at 5:15pm Friday

  • Students with conflicts must contact the Directors.  EMAIL THE DIRECTORS

  • Students will contact you as to pick up time at SHS.  

  • If you would like to take students home from the game, please complete the ALTERNATE TRANSPORTATION FORM

  • There is a chance of rain, and we will keep you posted as we get closer to departure time. 

Fruit Sale still going strong! 

If SHS wins against FDHS, we will perform in Columbia on December 3 at the 12 noon game! 


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